What is a book editor?
A book editor—also called a professional or an independent book doctor—works closely with writers to help them shape their novel or nonfiction book. 

What book editing services does a book editor provide?
Evaluation of your manuscript
Editorial guidance regarding plot, characters, structure, dialogue

Copy editing
Help in preparing your book proposal from query letter through overview, chapter outline and sample pages​

Do published authors work with professional editors?
Published authors almost always work with a professional editor, whether it be an independent book editor, the acquiring editor at the book publishing house, or a literary agent with editorial experience. They are not relying on critiques from writing groups, family, friends - nor are they flying solo. When you read the acknowledgements at the end of a favorite book, you can often see how many people were on the author's team - from the early drafts to the published book. 

Why work with labookeditor.com editorial?
Countless writers have taught us - writing is all about rewriting. An experienced editor can help you craft and perfect your proposal or manuscript to the point where it is ready to be self-published, or submitted to a literary agency or a book publishing house.