My first job in publishing was at Prentice Hall where I began as an advertising copywriter and eventually was part of a team of three, supervising a staff of 26. I then moved to Random House as Associate Manager of Advertising where I marketed Random House titles to schools, colleges, and libraries. Next I was Director of Advertising and Publicity for Liveright, a literary publisher, now an imprint of W.W. Norton. After a move to Los Angeles with my husband, we launched an independent publishing imprint with Houghton Mifflin. The imprint focused on commercial fiction (several were New York Times bestsellers) and, among other books,  a travel guide series that grew to over twenty titles. We were reading many excellent manuscripts that we had to pass on because they didn’t fit the profile of our imprint. This wealth of material led us to change our focus, and we launched The LA Literary Agency.

       Editing is my first love. Over the years I've worked on book proposals and manuscripts on a wide range of subjects--literary and commercial fiction,  biography, autobiography, sports, cooking, science, history, health, and lifestyle. 

                                                                                                                                                                     --Maureen Lasher

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